The day i said i am a woman 01-08-16

This is the day that it all began. the day I officially went to the doctor and registered with the VUMC in Amsterdam. I now have the feelings I had in store and I can not thank myself enough that I listened to myself. And all the people around me who have helped me to achieve my feelings that I feel comfortable with. I enjoy everything and everyone, most of myself and in the world where I live.

the girl walking on a tree

The first photo you see here is not me: ( It is a girl who walks over a tree over a cold water in the freezing cold, with her bere feets. The reason I show you this picture is that my feeling of being a girl in this environment is so beautiful that I want to experience this myself. There will be a moment, That this picture will be made in the same kind of setting only with me.

Make it possible to live your own life end do wonderful things with all the things u want.